My Story

I’ve lived in the Okanagan valley for the majority of my life. My family is here, my friends are here, and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It flows with wine and good food, and I’m lucky to call it home.

I grew up with my two sisters on the edge of the woods, where we played and explored. My mom instilled a love of books and encouraged imagination. My Dad taught us to respect nature and helped cultivate a curiosity for how things work.

Drawing captured my interest at an early age, and I could be found with a pencil and paper at every spare moment. Being able to share my ideas and explore my imagination with the simplest of tools was amazing to me.

I continued to be fascinated by the arts into adulthood and earned a BFA from UBC Okanagan. It taught me to to pay attention to the world, what’s around me every day and see it from different perspectives. I also learned to trust my intuition and let myself play through ideas to find solutions.

After university, I focused on painting and connecting with the Kelowna arts community. Through working at Opus Art Supplies, teaching and showing work at various local venues and events, I developed my style and made lifelong friends. I spent a lot of time learning, experimenting and following my intuition.

Currently I am moving towards abstraction in my painting and learning how I can apply my style to surface pattern design. I have re-discovered how much I love arranging elements to make something new and want to create work that will adorn items people will treasure, use and want to keep.

I hope you enjoy my work,